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Ingolstadt furnished apartmentsIngolstadt is an up-and-coming city with a great opportunity to be realized. Our experience since 10 years shows, that the customers are very happy to live with us when you do your internship, trial, or temporary jobs in Ingolstadt.

Similarly, a long-term rental is possible with us.

We offer quality living at the highest level of standard (small) apartment to a luxurious 2-bedroom apartment with terrace or balconies in a first-class price-performance ratio!

All rooms have a private bathroom, cooking facilities and are fully furnished. Likewise, washer and dryer are available in a separate laundry room and can be used.

With us you have a "Carefree package" and only need to arrive with your suitcase! On a business trip? Are there more than a hundred kilometers between your place of residence and your work in Ingolstadt? Or are you working temporarily in Bavaria with one of the resident automobile or aerospace companies? Maybe you want to study here! Whatever the reason, the requirement for temporary accommodation vary and sometimes a roof over your head is needed very urgently. You can count on us, because we have apartments with one to three rooms in high quality equipment in which you can feel comfortable. An extensive service, which we have tailored to the temporary living, should make your life in Ingolstadt easier.

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